The National Basketball Association or NBA may struggle for attention in the United States and other regions, but it remains the leading league in the Philippines. Some would probably argue that the country is one of the biggest markets for the NBA, as data suggests. According to NBA Asia Managing Director Ramez Sheikh, there are more Filipino NBA fans than non-fans, suggesting that this basketball isn’t just a game; it’s a lifestyle that extends to online betting for NBA. Also, the league’s global Facebook page has nearly 9 million followers from the Philippines, and it boasts the largest regional NBA Facebook page with over 5.7 million followers. We see this passion for the game and the league differently on various platforms. Our passion for basketball and the NBA also spills to sports betting.

One survey found that nearly 39% of individuals in the Philippines wagered on sports in 2022. And our team is confident that basketball and betting on the NBA dominate the betting markets available for bettors and local sports fans. If you’re a fan of the game and the NBA or want to expand your sports betting knowledge, this guide is right for you. We cover the basics of online betting for NBA Philippines, the most popular bets and betting markets, and a few tips to help you make an informed bet!

What is NBA Online Betting?

Betting on sports is a popular leisure activity among Filipinos. In sports betting, you’re wagering on the results of an event. Bettors can enjoy betting in different forms on various platforms, for example, you can place bets before the game starts or wager while the match is ongoing. The former is pre-match betting, and the latter is in-play betting which accepts bets in real time and appeals to experienced bettors.

There are different ways to bet on sports, including basketball and the NBA. For example, you can bet on the winner, the difference in scores, or wager on propositions, such as the team or player that scores first, halftime score, or even wager on the Division winner, or which teams qualify for the playoffs. Two main factors determine how much money you can win: the wagered amount and the betting odds for specific markets. So before you play and enjoy online betting for NBA prediction markets, reviewing the most popular basketball and NBA betting markets and understanding how betting odds work is best.

Popular NBA betting markets

As a popular sport with a global following, it’s expected that betting sites support a wide range of bets you can play in both pre-match and in-play betting. Let’s take a look at the most exciting types of bets for the NBA available for us, Filipino bettors:


Moneyline offers the simplest way to bet on basketball and the NBA. Here, you’re betting on which NBA team wins the game. Unlike the spread or over/under, you’re just putting your money on the team to win.


Spread is another popular betting option that aims to level the playing field. In spread betting, you’ll find your favorite team, represented by a negative value (-), and the underdog, represented by a positive value (+). For example, a sportsbook may list this betting market:

LA Lakers +2.5 (-110)

Miami Heat -2.5 (-110)

In our example, the Miami Heat is the favorite to win the game at -2.5 against the spread or ATS, meaning they need to win by more than three points to cover the spread. For example, your wager on the Miami Heat only wins if the team takes the game by at least three points.

Futures bets

With these NBA futures bets, you’re wagering on an event where the outcome shall be determined later, like games scheduled for next week or in the next few months. For example, you can bet on the teams that make the playoffs, the Finals, the Division winner, or individual winners, such as the NBA Rookie of the Year and the NBA Most Valuable Player.

Understanding the betting odds in online NBA betting

Online Betting for NBA
Betting odds explains the probability of an event or outcome happening

As mentioned, you’re a success in sports betting largely depends on your understanding of the betting odds. So what are betting odds, and why should you study these when placing your bets? Betting odds represent the bookmaker’s appreciation of the likelihood that an event is happening, like a team winning its game. Traditionally, three types of betting odds are commonly used in online sportsbooks for Filipino bettors. When browsing sportsbooks, formats are displayed as Decimal (3.0), Fractional (2/1), or the American way (+200). Let’s assume that The Warriors have 2/1 odds of winning the playoffs. Expressed as a probability, 2/1 is calculated as 1/(2 + 1) = 0.33, meaning there’s a 33% chance that the team will win. You’ll normally find the fractional odds in UK betting sites for horse races.

In the legit online betting for NBA markets, the most common formats are decimal and American odds. The American odds format is the default format in most US sportsbooks and betting sites that accept real money bets from Filipino bettors. As mentioned, the favorite team has a minus (-) sign next to the odds, representing the money you must wager to win $100. The example above featuring the matchup between the Golden State and Oklahoma City shows that the Golden State is the heavy favorite, and you’ll need to wager $200 to win $100!

Among these betting odds, the decimal format is the most popular among Philippine-focused sportsbooks. The decimal format for NBA betting odds is easy to understand and will immediately tell you the implied probability of an event happening and your potential payout. For example, if your favorite team has odds of 0.33, the odds of winning are 33%, representing the amount you’ll win for every $1 wagered. So, if you wager $100 on a team with odds of 0.33, your potential winnings are set at $330!

But don’t worry if you’re a beginner and still grappling with the use of odds when making bets on NBA games. Some of the best online betting for NBA app and websites feature an odds converter that automatically converts odds from one format to another. Also, the top betting sites today feature an easy-to-use and streamlined Bet Slip that automatically computes your potential payout after selecting a specific market.

Other Important Tips to Remember When Betting on NBA Games

Betting on sports requires strategies and tips to improve your payout chances. So, if you’re a sports and NBA fan and plan to bet on sports, we recommend reading this section before registering an account and betting in real money. Betting on sports is unlike slots, where the results are random and beyond your control. In betting, you can consider and maximize a few ‘small yet significant’ factors, which can improve your fortune.

Check and compare betting odds

As mentioned, betting odds are crucial in sports betting, and it’s best that you learn how to read these numbers and compare the offers of top sportsbooks. A small difference in odds between two competing sportsbooks can translate to significant differences in the potential payout. And if you’re planning to wager on NBA live betting, it’s best that you sign up with websites that offer updates of betting odds in real-time, and these data are automatically sent to your betting apps as notifications.

Learn to read the stats

Don’t just place bets blindly without knowing the players’ health or understanding the previous matches between the two teams. Access to information is king in NBA betting, and how you use these data and statistics can spell the difference between a losing and a winning bet! When making an informed bet, you can browse, review, and appreciate plenty of basketball statistical data. For example, you can check out the metrics for scoring, rebounds, assists, and three points. We also recommend checking out the team standings, head-to-head matches, and how each team fares on the road. Some NBA teams are stronger on the road, and some perform best when playing in front of the home crowd.

Don’t worry about these data and numbers since most betting sites offer customers a Statistics section. Also, you can always check out the official website of the NBA to get the rankings, the latest news and developments on the team, and some in-depth expert analysis!

Use sports betting bonuses and promos to your advantage

Like gambling in online casinos, online sportsbooks also offer a wide range of bonuses and promos that can boost your bankroll and give you plenty of ways to win big. Some of the most exciting betting offers you don’t want to miss are the Signup Bonus, Reload Bonuses, and Free Bets. Keep an eye on the casino’s Terms & Conditions since these promos are subject to fair use. For example, sportsbooks for Filipinos may specify the minimum deposit amount, applicable sports and betting markets, and validity period.

Other exciting promos in some bookies include Boosted Odds, Early Cash Out, and Rebates.

Sign up and place bets in legit and reputable online sportsbooks

Your safety and security are crucial when betting on basketball and the NBA in real money. Since you’re sharing your banking and personal information and wagering real money, you must partner with a serious sportsbook about protecting your data and money. If you’re betting in the Philippines, you can’t go wrong with bookies authorized and licensed by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation or PAGCOR, the government’s lead in regulating the country’s betting market.

Another option is to check out the NBA betting services offered by offshore licensed gambling sites, particularly those registered under Curacao and Costa Rica laws. But suppose you will partner with offshore licensed casinos with no local oversight. In that case, we highly recommend registering at gambling sites with additional certifications, using SSL encryption to secure data, and adopting responsive Responsible Gambling and Privacy Policy programs.

By working with legit sites, you can rely on premium betting services responsive to the needs of Filipino bettors like you. In our assessment, sites licensed by PAGCOR and many legit offshore licensed sportsbooks allow NBA online betting using GCash and other local payment methods.

Final Thoughts

Sports betting in the Philippines is growing fast, and new gambling sites are introduced regularly to the public. Most of these are offshore licensed and boast impressive features, betting apps for iOS and mobile devices, accept GCash for ease of payments, and promise bigger and more rewarding promos. But like when playing casino games, anyone interested in following and betting on sports should also practice due diligence. And we don’t just refer to license, registration, and overall security, which are always non-negotiable. In sports betting, your potential success also depends on your access to data and how well you plan your bets.

And as always, it all starts by setting a bankroll and staying within limits, which has always been at the heart of a responsible betting experience.