Online gambling is a growing industry in the Philippines that benefits many stakeholders. Gaming, either through a PC, mobile, or face-to-face interactions, is on a fast lane of growth, driven primarily by new technologies, including fast internet, increasing mobile penetration, and accessible entry points. According to Statista, the country’s online gambling industry is set to hit US$590.60m by 2023. Research points to growing technology, including recent innovations like Virtual Reality, AI, and the metaverse, which will sustain the industry’s growth and benefit all players.

And when we mean players in the highly-competitive industry, we’re not just talking about Filipino bettors who wager on their favorite casino games to win a payout or even the jackpot potentially. We’re also referring to marketers or those individuals who work on the sidelines to help spread the word about casinos and help attract players to signup and play through an online casino agent Philippines arrangement.

An online casino affiliate system is not new in the gambling industry. It’s a marketing program aims to promote gambling sites, increase their reach, and attract more players to signup and play. Although it’s a marketing system that primarily benefits operators, you should also know that it rewards individuals serving as the casinos’ partners. Read on if you’re interested in becoming an agent and partner or want to learn more about the operations of casinos!

What is an Online Casino Agent?

The online gambling industry offers plenty of opportunities to individuals, and we’re not just referring to casino players, operators, and game studios. It’s also the perfect industry for individuals with a knack for marketing, particularly in promoting products and services. For example, you can also work as an online casino agent who serves as the operator’s marketing partner in this industry. A casino agent is a professional who acts as the liaison between the operator and the players, both existing and new.

As part of the online casino agent job description, the person needs to use various marketing tools to attract players so they sign up, deposit, and play. In some online casino agent hiring companies, the agent is also tasked with managing the player accounts and helping players complete their deposits and withdrawals.

Don’t worry if you’re a newbie or clueless in marketing. Most affiliate programs today provide their agents with tools, from advertising banners and links to technical support, which can make marketing fun and less stressful.

What Skills Should You Have as a Casino Agent?

Like other professional jobs, signing up to become an agent requires a few skills. For a start, it’s important that you have strong communication skills and you understand the basics of customer support. Remember, you act as the intermediary between the players and the casino. So you must know how to address problems and learn how to offer solutions professionally.

Speaking of liaising, it also helps if you understand how the online gambling industry works. As a future casino agent, you should briefly describe the different games to play, the popular deposit options, and the operator’s processing times. Although casino operators provide their agents with marketing materials, learning independently and appreciating the industry beyond the minimum is still a good practice.

Finally, you should be sociable and ready to meet new players. An agent with a large network, or one who’s willing to meet new friends, is the one who’ll become more successful as an agent.

Steps on How to Become an Online Casino Agent in the Philippines?

So, you want to join the marketing world and sign up as an online casino agent? Congratulations, you’ll be joining one of the most promising industries in the country today! And what’s even more interesting about online casino affiliate programs is that the registration process is fast, free, and convenient. If you’re serious about becoming an agent, follow the general steps below.

Find your partner casino

Today, you’ll find dozens of legit Philippine betting sites with a rewarding affiliate program. JILI777, MNL168, and GGBet are local sites with impressive affiliate programs. If you’re a beginner, you can also browse our list and reviews of top gambling sites with this program. Aside from an agent program, we also review these casinos for license, legitimacy, banking options, and customer support, so you can be sure you’re partnering with the right site.

Launch its affiliate program page and click the ‘Signup’ button

Agent registration is fast, free, and most convenient. In signing up for an affiliate account, you must submit your complete name, email, mobile address, and preferred bank account. In some betting sites, registration is accepted on social media sites like Facebook and Telegram. For example, the Lucky Cola agent registration popularly happens on Telegram. The data you’ll need to share will depend on the operator’s T&Cs, so you need to review their rules first before signing up.

Submit your application for approval

Once all information is in, you’re now ready to submit your affiliate application form. After one or two day of review, the operator will send you an email with your affiliate account and access to the casino’s tools and other marketing resources.

Signing up for an agent account is fast and easy, thanks to the online casino agent free registration policy. But we always recommend practicing due diligence before saying yes. And we’re not just after the site’s legitimacy and licensing as the basis for your decision.

As future casino agents and affiliates, you should also assess and compare the operators’ programs, focusing on the online casino agent commission, the profit-sharing scheme, and the type of support that you’ll get. A great affiliate program offers a commission of at least 30%, gives you access to marketing tools, and should be ready to offer technical help whenever necessary. An agent is the casino’s partner in building its business, so you must work with a team that values your work.