Filipinos are huge sports fans, deeply ingrained in our history, culture, and traditions. Our passion for sports always runs high, with basketball, boxing, and billiards as the most popular. During then-President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Arnis became a mainstream sport, as it was elevated as the country’s National Martial Art and Sport. When Pacquiao, a famous Philippine boxer, fights for a title, the streets become empty as many Filipinos glued to their TV screens to watch him fight. Or when the local Gilas basketball team plays in international tournaments, Filipinos erupt in cheers when winning.

Now, the popularity and passion for sports extend to betting. But how popular is sports betting among Filipinos? According to TGM Research for October 2022, roughly 39% of our population was involved with sports betting in the last 12 months. And what’s even more exciting is that following sports and betting on results is becoming more accessible and convenient thanks to an increasing number of online sports betting Philippines sites.

However, the betting scene can confuse some, especially the new bettors. Like casino gambling, sports betting has its set of lingo, and picking an online sports betting Philippines legit site is always challenging. While it can take years to master the sports betting scene, it only takes a little research to understand its basics and become a responsible bettor! Read on to discover the betting site Philippines GCash operators and learn some tips on maximizing the sports betting experience.

What is Online Sports Betting?

So, what is sports betting, and how does it differ from casino gambling? Every time an individual wager money on the results of a sporting event, he is engaging in sports betting. It doesn’t matter if the wager is small or huge; it is if the match is happening today or next. If you’re betting money on the result of a sporting event, then we call it ‘sports betting.’

Now, there are at least two ways on where bettors can place their wagers. You can walk into a physical betting shop to place a wager. Two, you can signup for an online sportsbook, place your wager online, and wait for the results of the match. The latter is called online sports betting since you’re wagering online.

Prematch and In-Play Betting- What’s the Difference?

Sportsbooks let you wager on pre-match or in-play betting markets

When it comes to online betting, there are two ways how you can place your bets: there’s prematch betting or go for in-play betting. In pre-match betting, you’re making a wager before the start of the match. For example, Gilas Pilipinas and Team Cambodia have a scheduled semifinal basketball match. If you place your bet before the game starts, it’s called pre-match betting. The problem with this betting option is that it remains fixed once wagered, and there’s no option to change it once the game begins.

Online sports betting Philippines websites also allow its punters to place bets while the game is ongoing, and we call this live betting or in-play betting. It’s a more exciting way to bet on sports since you can place bets while the match is ongoing and make calls with every change in scores, momentum, and betting odds.

Speaking of sports betting odds, bookmakers will update the betting odds in real-time, reflecting the direction of the match. For many experienced bettors, in-play betting is a better option as it’s more exciting with real-time odds, and some sites offer players access to real-time scores and live streaming.

Online Sports Betting for Filipinos

If you’re a sports fan and want to wager online, then you’ll be happy to know that it’s legal to place bets if you’re from the Philippines. Two options are available if you want to start following your favorite sports and wager on outcomes. First, you can place bets in sports betting stations that operate with approval from PAGCOR. Most PAGCOR-approved betting sites offer electronic games, poker, and bingo. And for sports bars, betting is only allowed for players and sports fans at least 21.

Second, Filipino sports fans can check out the offshore licensed sportsbooks that accept real money wagers from the country. Most of these betting sites are licensed by Costa Rica and Curacao and offer casino games, poker, bingo, and sportsbooks. Many local bettors see offshore licensed online sportsbooks as the better option between these two options since they offer flexibility and convenience.

Also, these websites offer a wide range of betting markets, covering local and international sports, including basketball, tennis, football, cricket, and even eSports.

How to Start Betting Online

Like playing in casinos, your sports betting adventure in the Philippines starts by comparing and selecting the best site. We always recommend following due process and other expert tips when choosing a site where you can bet on sports. For example, you must check the remote license, available betting markets, betting tools and resources, and banking options before deciding.

If you’re a beginner and don’t have time to compare, our expert reviews and list of recommended betting sites can help! Don’t forget to check out our website for the latest insights, recommendations, and tips on how to pick the best bookmaker!

Signup for a real money account.

Once you have selected a bookmaker, the next step is creating a free real money account. Signing up for an account is free, and most sites allow a quick and easy registration process. As part of the site’s Know Your Customer policy, you must submit your complete name, address, and mobile number for verification. You’ll need an OTP or one-time code on some sites to complete the registration and verification process.

Top-up your online betting account

With a registered and active account, you can make your first deposit!

You can deposit at the site’s Cashier or Banking section, often represented by a wallet or money icon. Once you click this section, you’ll find a complete list of accepted banking options with a short description of the operator’s Cashier policies, like processing times and fees. Some top online sports betting Philippines sites accept deposits through GCash, PayMaya, GrabPay, and local banks.

If you’re looking for an easy and convenient way to deposit and wager on sports, we recommend using GCash. GCash by Globe is a popular e-wallet that’s easy to use and allows deposits for as low as Php 50 on most sites. Also, GCash and other local e-wallet payments are often free of charge and come with full security features for your peace of mind.

Select your sports, pick the betting market, and set your bet

You can browse the operator’s sportsbook section with a funded betting account. Here, you can explore the available betting by sports or events. Traditionally, online sports betting Philippines sites will feature a drop-down menu on the left of the homepage, where you can find the complete list of supported sports. On some sites, you’ll find a complete list of sports and events at the top of the sportsbook page. Click on the sport you want to bet on to display all available betting markets.

Here’s an example of a sportsbook section displaying the event, available betting markets, and a Bet Slip:

The image above shows the sportsbook section of BetWinner, one of the legit online sports betting Philippines bookmakers. On the top of the sportsbook page is the list of the top sports you can bet on, and just below is a specific sporting event that you can wager on, specifically WTA Roland Garros. A typical betting page will display the players or teams, the available betting markets, in this case, the Match Winner, and betting odds.

Aside from the Match Winner, the best online sports betting Philippines sites also feature a wide range of markets, and your options depend on the sport. For example, in PBA basketball, you can wager in over/under, handicap, quarter bets, or prop bets, like the first team or the first player to score.

On the left of the sportsbook page is the Bet Slip that will reflect your selection, the betting odds, and the potential payout once you indicate the bet amount. If you click on the market, your selection is automatically displayed on the Bet Slip on the right, and you’ll be asked to indicate the bet amount.

Confirm, and click ‘Submit’!

After selecting and indicating your bet, you’ll confirm and click the ‘Submit’ button to complete the transaction. Today, the leading online sports betting Philippines sites feature a full-featured Bet Slip, which promotes responsible betting. Aside from displaying the betting odds and potential payouts, Bet Slips allows punters to cash out early.

Now, you will only wait for the match to complete and see if your bet wins!

Are You Ready to Bet on Sports Online?

Betting on sports is fun, rewarding, and potentially lucrative. If you’re ready to crunch the numbers and take advantage of the available betting tools, placing bets and maximizing the online sports betting Philippines experience will be easier. Aside from the potential payout, wagering in PAGCOR online sports betting sites allows you to follow and support your favorite team, join them in their adventure, and share their highs and lows as a competitive team in sports.

Sports betting in the Philippines is legal, and it’s even more exciting thanks to the support for the online sports betting Philippines app for iOS and Android that promotes convenience and mobility. As always, don’t just dive into the first online sports betting Philippines site you’ll encounter online. Always read reviews and players’ testimonials, and browse the leading online sports betting Philippines websites to get a feel of their betting products and services.

Can’t decide where to signup and bet on sports? If you need help, check out our recommendations and list of top-reviewed online sports betting Philippines websites:


Use the BetWinner app to bet on sports and check betting odds in real time

BetWinner is on our list of premium online sports betting Philippines sites for local bettors. We rate this site highly thanks to its BetWinner mobile app, which works for iOS and Android devices, features dozens of sports events and exciting betting markets, and give users quick access to their betting history.

MelBet Sportsbook

Melbet sportsbook is an established betting site with over 400,000 punters

Melbet is one of our top-rated online sports betting Philippines sites, owned and operated by Pelican Entertainment B.V. This sportsbook boasts over 400,000 users, enjoying its impressive betting markets covering popular sports such as football, basketball, cricket, and tennis. Melbet also boasts a betting app, allowing punters like you to enjoy bespoke mobile bonuses and bet remotely.

Fafa855 Sportsbook

Enjoy a premium sports betting experience at Fafa855

Fafabet is another exciting online sports betting Philippines site with a Curacao license. Aside from its three platforms for betting, this site also supports slot machines, live casino, and arcade games. Fafabet855 has an iOS and Android perfect for players looking to bet remotely on their favorite sports teams.